Airport Lost and Found With My 'Tile App'

Sorry, But We've Seem To Have Misplaced Your Luggage...
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Sorry, But We've Seem To Have Misplaced Your Luggage...
The Tile App – Men's Lifestyles Tech

Men's Lifestyles Tech – The Tile App

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- Men's Lifestyles

If you’ve ever heard these words from an Airline before, then you know you’re in some serious trouble;

"Sorry, but it appears we’ve seem to have accidentally misplaced (lost) your luggage"

Cross your fingers – because if you’re lucky, after only a few days, or weeks of an international lost and found wild goose chase, you ‘might’ be fortunate enough to have been one of the select few who’ve actually had their lost luggage found by modern day airline archaeologist.

Well, this past weekend, thats just what happened – a surprise trip to Miami thrown by some close friends for my 30th birthday, turned disastrous when my carry-on had to be check after boarding.

The Tile App – Men's Lifestyles Tech Billboard

Men's Lifestyles Tech – The Tile App

For a moment, full on panic started to set in, until realizing that my TILE was snugly tucked behind my laptop, and I was able to pull up exactly where my bag was last located. Fortunately for me, and the airline, it turns out my luggage was accidentally loaded on a follow-up flight from New York City to Miami, set to arrive only 2 hours later.

Thanks to TILE, I was able to track my luggages last location from New York to Miami, and have it messengered to the hotel front desk as soon as it arrived at the airport – Catastrophe avoided!

So what is TILE? 

TILE is a small, square device that can be placed in, or affixed to, any item you want to keep tabs on. You can put it on your keyring, inside your wallet, or stick to just about anything—from a laptop to luggage. Hence – why I was able to get my luggage returned so quickly…

How Does Tile Work? 

Using Bluetooth LE signal and a pairing app on your iOS or Android devices, you’re able to track your item’s whereabouts just about anywhere. You can ring it (within 30-50 feet), you can see it on a map (TILE remembers the last place you saw it ), or you can enlist the entire TILE community.

The Tile App – Men's Lifestyles Tech

Men's Lifestyles Tech – The Tile App

Plus, setting up your TILE is super easy! Just simply download the free TILE app and hold down the “e” portion of the TILE logo until the TILE chime lets you know it is now paired with your device. It’s super, super easy!

The best part is, since TILE is not a GPS and don’t track kids, pets, or grandparents, TILE is only $20 bucks! Compared to a GPS that costs a few hundred, and has to be charged every few days. Plus, the battery life of your TILE lasts for a full year!

The Tile App – Men's Lifestyles Tech

Men's Lifestyles Tech – The Tile App

Take it from us – you have to get yourself a TILE to see for yourself! We love our TILE’s so much around here at Men’s Lifestyles, that we’re giving you an opportunity to get yours for free now!

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The Tile App – Men's Lifestyles Tech Infographic

For more information or to get your own TILE now, check out more from TILE here...