The Top 10 Greatest 'Legal' Marijuana Company Logo's

$125+ Billion Dollar Marijuana Industry? What Are They Smoking?!...
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$125+ Billion Dollar Marijuana Industry? What Are They Smoking?!...
Men's Lifestyles Money – Marijuana Business Best Logos Billboard

Men's Lifestyles Money

A Collection of The Top 10 Legal Marijuana Company Logos From Our Friends At Inc Magazine, Spot On or To Corporate?

"How big is the Marijuana market? Some say the market is $10 billion to $120 billion a year, however most demand-based studies put the market at around $10-$40 billion."

Marijuana is big business today in Colorado and Washington State, but the industry hasn’t been around long enough to establish leaders when it comes to the best company logos.

Our friends at Inc magazine have gone ahead and hand picked these medicinal and recreational marijuana businesses based on their designs, to come up with a list of the top 10 greatest legal marijuana company logos.

Men's Lifestyles Money – Marijuana & Cannabis The Grass Station Logo

Men's Lifestyles Money – The Grass Station

The Grass Station

Location: Denver, Colorado Founded in 2009, The Grass Station sells more than a dozen brands of marijuana and edible products from its single location. The company recently added a free mobile app that offers special discounts and a customer loyalty program.

Men's Lifestyles Money – Marijuana & Cannabis The Green Lady Marijuana Logo

Men's Lifestyles Money – Green Lady Marijuana

Green Lady Marijuana

Location: Olympia, Washington Green Lady Marijuana opened its doors on August 17 as the first legal retailer in Olympia and one of the first in the state of Washington. In addition to locally grown marijuana, the company sells Baked Botanicals brand edibles including cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, and trail mix.

Men's Lifestyles Money – Marijuana & Cannabis Sacred Seed Logo

Men's Lifestyles Money – Sacred Seed

Sacred Seed

Location: Denver, Colorado Sacred Seed has sold medicinal marijuana since 2009 and added recreational marijuana in January. The addition of its "retail" product has resulted in significant growth in sales almost overnight, according to the company.

Men's Lifestyles Money – Marijuana & Cannabis Green Wolf Collective Logo

Men's Lifestyles Money –Green Wolf Collective

Green Wolf Collective

Location: Los Angeles, California Established in 2006 as Holistic Healing Alternative, Green Wolf Collective rebranded and moved to a new location in June. The company sells medicinal marijuana to 300 patients on average per day, up from roughly 150 in 2013 and 100 in 2012.

Men's Lifestyles Money – Marijuana & Cannabis Caregivers For Life

Men's Lifestyles Money – Caregivers For Life

Caregivers For Life

Location: Denver, Colorado Founded in 2010, Caregivers For Life sells marijuana and related products for medicinal and recreational use from a single location. Some of the dispensary's edible products include cannabis syrup, pot butter, and Cherry Pie Bars.

The Kine Mine

Location: Idaho Springs, Colorado The Kine Mine has been in business since February 2010 and sells only its own marijuana, which it grows from two local facilities. The company sources edibles from brands including Dixie, Edi-pure, and Canyon Cultivation.

Colorado Care Facility

Location: Denver, Colorado Colorado Care Facilitysells medicinal and recreational marijuana from two locations in Denver. The company offers edibles like bars and lozenges and marijuana concentrates and extracts such as waxes and oils.

Chronic Therapy

Location: Wheat Ridge, Colorado Chronic Therapy is a family-owned medical marijuana dispensary and organic grow facility founded in 2010. The company began selling marijuana for recreational use in June of 2014 and sells only locally grown marijuana from its one location.

Green Man Cannabis

Location: Denver, Colorado Green Man Cannabis operates out of two locations in Denver and offers membership perks such as discounts for veterans and local customers. The company sells medicinal marijuana and edibles from more than 20 vendors.

How Big Is The Marijuana Market?

Economists, reformists, law enforcement authorities and the pro-marijuana lobby together have come up with estimates ranging from $10 billion to over $120 billion a year. Such a wide spread is hardly a solid answer. However most demand based studies put the market at between $10 billion and $40 billion a year.

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