What is $100 Worth To You – Not What You Think!

Map Shows The Actual Value of $100 In Every State
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Map Shows The Actual Value of $100 In Every State
What Is $100 Dollars Worth In Each State? – Men's Lifestyles Money

Men's Lifestyles Money – $100 Money Map

What's $100 Worth To You - Depends On Which State You Live In - This Map Shows To Value Of $100 In Every US State

"This data highlights the problems of basing federal policy on nominal income data alone. Income data without context is a poor measure of people’s well-being." - Alan M. Cole, an Economist at the Tax Foundation

How far can you stretch a buck? It totally depends on where you live. This map created by a nonprofit research organization Tax Foundation using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, shows the real value of $100 adjusted to reflect average price levels in each state.

In Mississippi, for instance, $100 would be enough to buy what would cost $115.74 in a place where prices are closer to the national average. In a pricey state like New York, $100 is only worth about $86.66.

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