The Luxury SUV Even though the price of gas is rising as war bubbles over inthe oil nations and the dollar loses its value, SUV’s are still a hot commodity. And companies from Ford to Porsche keep churning out different models of their SUVs without any pause as the American market seems as if it can’t get enough. But what is the best SUV out there. Several auto makers claim the title but do they really live up to their hype.
RANGE ROVER HSE IMAGE 1Range Rover HSE - Any discussion about the top luxury SUVs on the market has to begin with the standard setting Range Rover. There’s hardly a luxury vehicle available today that is as iconic as the Range Rover. Other companies try to make their vehicles reach this level of refinement, but there’s something intangible about the Range that just can’t be duplicated. And the intangible doesn’t just have to do with the ride, or 4x4 capabilities, or HP or Torque, or leather seats and wood lined dashes, or even digital goodies and NAV systems, of which by the way the Range comes fully stocked.
Nearly every other Luxury SUV maker offers similar features, but the Range is an iconic truck that is capable, beautiful and unconfused. The range doesn’t need to be like a car, or boast about its ‘sporty’ design. The Range Rover is an SUV first, but one that has been designed to be exceptionally refined into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.
Porsche Cayenna - Shifting then to one of the smaller offerings on the market, Porsche has been building the Cayenne for several years now, taking the sporting side of the SUV market all to itself.
The Cayenne is a competent contender for the category, it’s not only fast, but can handle rough terrain relatively well with its all-wheel drive system. And for a while the Cayenne stood alone as the best truly sporty SUV, but it has recently gotten some stiff competition by way of the BMW X6. 
BMW X6 LUXURY SUV IMAGE 1BMW X6 - The X6 is a bigger more muscular version of the Porsche. While Porsche’s top model has more horse power, 500 compared to 485 with the X6, and can run 0-60 times of 4.4 seconds edging out the hybrid turbo X6, the style of the BMW is more aggressive, and the vehicle simply looks faster. 
In the end though it’s simply just a matter of taste between which of these two excellent vehicles one prefers.
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER IMAGE 1Toyota Land Cruiser - Another SUV that knows where it stands is the often forgotten Toyota Land Cruiser. With 380 horse power and 401 pounds of torque, the Land Cruiser is no weakling. And it’s a big vehicle measuring over sixteen feet long and over six feet wide and deploys Toyota’s full time four wheel drive.
But as I pointed out above, whenever rating a vehicle there’s more than just numbers and the list of luxuries to mention. With the Land Cruiser, again like the Range Rover, buyers not only get a capable SUV but they also buy an icon.
As with so many things in life a person’s taste comes into play in a large way and when choosing the best SUV this is no different. From one perspective it depends on whether or not you’re looking for an SUV that is more truck like or sportier to buy. But for my money, the Range Rover is the ultimate luxury SUV. In an SUV, I want something with some heft as well refinement, and from that perspective the Range Rover is still king.